Good Health and Aging

Hosted by Anjali K. Ray, MD

We often ignore aches and pains assuming that they are a natural part of aging. But that is not always true. A healthy lifestyle and good medical care can reduce your health risks and improve your quality of life, even as we age. You can stay healthy longer and reducing your risks by keeping up-to-date on your screenings: cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar (diabetes screening), colorectal, eye, dental and your vaccines (flu, tetanus, shingles, and so on).

Anjali K. Ray, M.D., will answer your questions about aging and the challenges you are finding that you believe are age related.

Dr. Ray is a family physician, board certified in family medicine. She graduated from the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Medicine. She completed her internship and residency at Virginia Commonwealth University-Fairfax Family Medicine. She sees patients in our Moorestown office.