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Hosted by Rohit A. Patel, MD

The Weight Loss Surgery Team will be answering questions and providing detailed information about what happens before, during and after weight loss surgery.

Hosted by Joanne Mazzarelli, MD

Join Cooper Heart Institute cardiologist Joanne K. Mazzarelli, MD, on Thursday, November 19 from Noon-12:30 p.m. for a special Health eTalk on Women and Heart Disease.

Hosted by Polina Khrizman, MD

Join us for a discussion with lung cancer expert Polina Khrizman, MD, who will discuss causes of lung cancer besides smoking, genetic risk, tips for prevention, where to turn if we develop a problem and options for treatment.

Hosted by David Warshal, MD

Join David Warshal, MD, Head of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology for a frank discussion about HPV and the vaccines that are available to help protect against these diseases.

Hosted by David H. Clements, MD

If you have scoliosis or any type of spine disorder or deformity, or are the loved one of a person who does, David Clements, MD will be on hand to provide information and answer questions about scoliosis diagnosis and treatment.

Hosted by John Neidecker, DO, ATC

Dr. Neidecker will provide information and answer questions about sports medicine and conditioning, including identifying common sports-related injuries, knowing when to go to seek medical treatment, overuse injuries, and treatment and prevention.

Hosted by Yon Sook Kim, MD

For some women, visiting the gynecologist is about as appealing as root canal surgery. Gynecologist Yon Sook Kim, MD, will be on hand to answer your questions about female health – no matter how embarrassing. And remember, questions can be submitted anonymously.

Hosted by Andres J. Pumariega, MD

Join Andres Pumariega, MD, as he answers questions about helping teens manage their emotional health, including: stress self-management techniques, tips for effective communication with teens, and understanding and identifying anxiety and depression in teens.

Hosted by John Robertson, Jr., MD

Join us for a special Health eTalk on June 23 marking "National Men's Health Month," as John Robertson, Jr., MD, provides information and answers questions related to the health and wellness of men throughout the life cycle.

Hosted by David M. Millili, DPM

Log on and join our Health eTalk with Cooper's David M. Millili, DPM, Head, Division of Podiatry, as he answers your questions about proper foot care for the diabetic patient.

Hosted by April M. Douglass-Bright, MD

Ask April Douglass-Bright, MD, questions about pediatric health and medicine. Ask her about topics like nutrition, safety, over-the-counter medications, childhood illnesses, parenting issues, and more.

Hosted by Steven E. Ross, MD

Steven E. Ross, MD, answers your questions about the emergency medical response system so that you'll be prepared in case something traumatic happens to you or to someone you love.

Hosted by Sunny S. Park, MD

Learn what you can do to make sure your sinuses are healthy and keep your nasal passages clear. Dr. Park will answer your most pressing questions about sinuses and provide tips on what you can do to alleviate your suffering.

Hosted by Maria Lania-Howarth, MD

Join Maria Lania-Howarth, MD, for Health eTalk as she provides information and answers questions about managing seasonal allergies.

Hosted by Richard Selznick, PhD

Join us as we answer your questions and provide practical advice and tips on guiding your child through the academic, social and emotional challenges of growing up.

Hosted by Evren Burakgazi-Dalkilic, MD

Join Evren Burakgazi-Dalkilic, MD, as she answers questions and concerns related to managing epilepsy in women of all stages of the life cycle.

Hosted by Thomas A. Judge, MD

Each year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with digestive disorders. Join Thomas A. Judge, MD, for Health eTalk on Thursday, March 3 from Noon-12:30 p.m., as he answers questions and concerns about the management of digestive health.

Hosted by Matthew L. Ortman, MD

Join Dr. Ortman as he provides information and answers questions about conditions like atrial tachycardia, bradycardia, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and other common cardiac arrhythmias.

Hosted by Robert M. Simons, MD

Almost all hernias start out as a small, painless bulge in the abdomen or groin. Make sure you're not one of the thousands of people each year forced to undergo emergency surgery.

Hosted by Beth A. Karmilovich, DO

Join us for our Health eTalk on Thursday, January 20 with general pediatrician Beth A. Karmilovich, DO, who will answer questions and provide advice on nutrition, exercise, safety, and other healthy lifestyle issues that can affect children.

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